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「名古屋レインボープライド 2021」の開催が決定しました!!


2021年5月16日(日) 11:00~18:00


〒461-0005 名古屋市東区東桜一丁目11番1号(Google Map)






中止となった「名古屋レインボープライド 2020」を踏襲した開催となるため、現時点で新規募集はございませんので、あらかじめご了承ください。


2021 Nagoya Rainbow Pride Date Announcement
The dates for the 2021 Nagoya Rainbow Pride have been confirmed!

■Date and Time

Sunday 16th of May, from 11:00-16:00


Oasis 21
〒461-0005 Nagoya-shi, Higashi-ku Higashizakura 1-11-1(Google Map)


・Stage Performance
・Talk Show
・Booth Exhibition
And more!
More details will be published as they are confirmed.

■How to Book Your Place

We are currently investigating the best way to hold this event while protecting the health and safety of attendees and participants, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.
We plan to draw up guidelines based on the current situation of the pandemic.

■To Those Considering Holding a Booth

Those who were scheduled to hold booths at the cancelled 2020 Nagoya Rainbow Pride have reserved places at the 2021 event, and as such we are not currently open for new booth applicants. We will advise you through public channels if and when we are able to receive new applicants.